How To Survive If Lost In The Wilderness

Prepare yourself for an Outdoor Adventure

Outdoor survival is an exercise in preparation. Having the correct equipment and the knowledge to use the equipment is crucial to survival in the great outdoors. Knowledge and equipment go together as it is useless to have all the equipment and not have the slightest idea how to use it.

With the advancement in technology and the advancement in search and rescue techniques it is typically hours before one is rescued. With a basic survival kit and the knowledge of how to use the equipment most survival rescues should have a happy ending.

What to do “If You Get Lost” in the Wilderness!

Most novice outdoor enthusiasts do not know how to assemble a survival kit. They may go online and purchase a packaged survival kit. A packaged Bear Grylls ultimate survival kit is on of the best packages survival kits on the market. However most experienced outdoor enthusiasts will assemble their own kit.

The basic survival kit an experienced outdoor enthusiast would have would contain the following; a knife (Survival Knife), waterproof matches, a water purification bottle, emergency food, maps and a compass, you will also need a signal such as a reflective mirror or a whistle. Perhaps the best tool for survival is letting someone, a friend or relative know exactly where and when you will be traveling. Let this individual know that if you do contact them by a specific date and time they must contact authorities and start a search and rescue.

Educate yourself for the “Rugged Outdoors”!

In addition to the survival kit it is also necessary to educate yourself on additional survival skills. Take some time to educate yourself on the type of wild plants that are edible. Take an class in outdoor survival, many colleges and universities offer classes in outdoor survival. Many colleges will also offer a three day weekend outdoor survival workshop. It is imperative that you master some very basic skills such as building a shelter in the wild and starting an maintaining a fire in the outdoors.

Don’t Let your Outdoor Adventure Turn into a Nightmare!!

With a complete basic survival kit, a good quality outdoor knife and a little knowledge one can survive the great outdoors. Remember outdoor survival is an exercise in preparation.